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The following documents provide electricians, vendors and members/owners with instruction on Nodak Electric Cooperative’s technical requirements for installation and interconnection of renewable energy projects, demand response and emergency generation. Included in the documents are applications, instructions and agreements. Members must understand their responsibilities as owners and operators of interconnected equipment to Nodak’s electrical grid.

The Meter Installation and Padmount Transformer Guide is designed to provide electricians and members/owners with instruction on Nodak’s technical requirements for installation of metering equipment, padmount transformers and off-peak ripple receivers.

This policy is primarily intended to provide guidelines for allowable voltage flicker and voltage sag on the Nodak system during motor starting situations. These guidelines will also be applied to evaluation of voltage disturbances due to other load issues. The customer causing objectionable power quality issues is physically and financially responsible for correcting the problem being created.

The Ripple Control and Off-Peak Meter Installation Instruction documents provide a quick reference for members/owners and contractors installing an off-peak electric heating system. If you have any questions, please call Nodak’s Energy Services Department.