What To Do During Power Outage

Keeping a reliable source of power available to you, our member/owner, is top priority of Nodak Electric Cooperative. Power doesn’t go out often, but when it does, we attempt to restore service quickly. Below is information to help you prepare for an outage event.

To report an outage, call Nodak at 701-746-4461 or 800-732-4373. Calls are answered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by a technician who reports outage information to the appropriate crews. A phone call is currently the only way to positively communicate an outage to us. We will answer your call as promptly as possible.


  • Check your fuses or circuit breakers, both in your dwelling and possibly on the meter pole.
  • If your breakers or fuses are not tripped or blown, you know your neighbors are without power, have witnessed unusual sights or sounds such as a loud bang or other conditions that could have caused an outage, please report that information when you call to assist crews in determining the scope of the outage.
  • Turn off electric appliances in use when the outage occurred, especially ovens/stoves or hot plates, air conditioners and portable electric heating units. However, you should leave a light switch on so you will know when power is restored.
  • Keep doors closed on refrigerators and freezers as much as possible during power outages to keep food cold for a longer period of time.
  • Stay away from downed power lines and report them to Nodak immediately. Even lines that look harmless can be dangerous.

Be Prepared For Extended Power Outages

You can prepare for these situations by keeping a power kit on hand. Among items to consider are:

  • Flashlight with extra batteries
  • Spare fuses (if you do not have breakers)
  • Fully charged cell phone
  • Portable radio with fresh batteries
  • First aid kit

If appliances, such as medical necessity devices, computers and sump pumps are used, please consider a battery backup or standby generator for extended power interruptions.

What Happens During A Power Outage?

After an outage is reported, the line technician’s first job is to locate the cause. To better understand what is involved in the process, please view this short video, courtesy of NRECA, explaining the four major steps to restore power during an outage.