Nodak Electric Cooperative members/owners can save money by allowing their electric heating system to be controlled during peak demand periods while using their backup heating system. The savings to Nodak during these control events is passed on to participating off-peak members through a lower electric heating rate. To qualify, an electric heating system must be coupled with an automatic, whole home backup heating system. A device is installed to control the electric heat remotely. The off-peak rate is offered during the heating season months of October through May. Please refer to the Electric Rates page for current off-peak rates.

Members who enjoy savings from off-peak electric heat can also save through electric hot water heating by controlling qualifying units. Conventional water heaters can be controlled short-term and receive a monthly credit on their electric bill offered during the heating season of October through March. Thermal storage water heaters of 80 gallons or more, or 100-gallon conventional, may be cycled daily during November through April and receive the off-peak rate during October through May. Members must have an off-peak electric heating system for qualifying water heaters to receive the off-peak rate.

Nodak offers its members incentives for the installation of electric vehicle charging equipment.

Off-peak electric heat (Max rebate $1,500)

  • $25/kW rebate – Baseboard heater, cover heater, forced-air furnace, hanging unit heater, plenum heater, radiant underfloor heat
  • $45/kW rebate – Electric boiler, brick storage electric furnace, brick storage room unit, slab storage, electric cable
  • $150/ton rebate – Air-source heat pump
  • $150/ton rebate – Mini-split heat pump
  • $250/ton rebate – Ground-source heat pump

Off-peak electric water heater (Max rebate $550)

  • $125/unit rebate – 55 gallons or less
  • $200/unit rebate – 56-99 gallons
  • $300/unit rebate – 100 gallons or greater
  • Additional $250 – Gas to electric conversion
  • Additional $100 – New construction

Off-peak electric vehicle charger (Max rebate $750 per charger)

  • $50/kW rebate

Off-peak electric rate

  • $0.062 per kWh (long-term control)
  • $0.077 per kWh (short-term control)

All electric technology rebates/incentives must adhere to the requirements of the Value of Electricity program.  

In addition to the above listed requirements for electric heating and water heating rebates, all systems must be new equipment and controlled on Nodak’s off-peak program. A check will be issued to participating members after a visit from a Nodak technician. Please call our energy services team at 701-746-4461 or 800-732-4373 if you have any questions about off-peak or the rebate program.