Please call – day or night – to report your outage: 1-800-732-4373.
Please make sure we have your current phone number on file. When you call from the phone number tied to your account, we can more quickly locate the area where power is out and restore your power.

Please do not report outages through email or Facebook, as they are not monitored 24/7, and it may delay response time. 

In the case of any life-threatening emergency (fire, downed ‘live’ power line, etc.), call 911 before calling Nodak Electric.

This map is displaying the current outages in our service area. The black and grey area represents our service area, the colored boxes represent counties and colored dots represent outages that are occurring right now.

We are working to resolve all outages as quickly and effectively as possible. Please call to report all outages or emergencies such as a tree in contact with a line or a downed power line.

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